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What We’re All About

American Aesthetics Apparel is a representation of an average American's perspective on the love for PATRIOTISM of one's nation. The United States of America is our home. Defended on a daily basis, 24/7.

Our products are to represent all of the men and women who have volunteered for the necessary roles to face our nations' foreign or domestic enemies and show the world the spirit of the American fighting Soldier, Marine, Sailor, and Airmen.

The current state of the world is rapidly evolving and changing. The factor that should never falter is the fighting spirit that is IN THE BONES of every American Citizen.


This started as a creative outlet. However, it could be so much more.

Half of the profits of every item sold will be donated to a charity organization, designated in the "Charitable Givings" section of each product page, that is specifically supporting Veterans, Veteran families, and/or other themes that are represented in the product you choose to purchase.

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